Making Friends at President University

As what Mr. Zikri said, I experienced cultural shock at the first time I arrived at President University. It may be experienced by anyone who suddenly gets into a new environment without anyone on his/her side. First, when I arrived at the class, I saw lots of new faces, none of them I know. They stared at me and turned their eyes without notice.

“I’m new, take it easy…” that is what I said to myself. Without looking around, I sat at the second row of the seat, alone. We all were awkward at the first time, but as the time flows, we are getting to know each other and we can be friends with all the classmates. It is very fun to know a lot of people from different islands and countries. It is even more fun to get to know about their local cultures.

Days become weeks and I have friends not only from the different class, but also different dormitories. The wide relation from person to person will help you to connect each other. Now I have a lot of new friends and I’m enjoying my stay at the dormitory because solitude and friendship can be increased by intense contact.

I think I won’t leave the dormitory anytime soon, because I can’t really leave my friends right away. If my parents allow me, I’ll stay here for the next year and so on until I graduate. I believe this experience of making friends would be a very wonderful memory to remind, someday in the future.


The Feeling of Staying at PressUniv Student Housing

A month ago it sounds impossible to live without mom and dad around you, and yet I’m here now, doing fine by myself. It doesn’t mean that I’m fine all by myself, but it’s because of friends that I made at the student housing. Survive in PressUniv student housing give me lots of nice and educable experience, from how you make friends to how you maintain your life.
There will be no mother, father or maid that’ll spoil you with all the household cores. You have to tidy the room, make your bed, mind your outcome and manage your diets all by yourself. It’s hard for me at first, not because the household core, but because it’s my first time to be far away from my family. Moreover, I’m not really good at doing laundry without washing machine and ironing shirt, so for me it’s very educable to live at PressUniv.
Another positive impact of student housing is you can make friends with lots of people and interact with them directly all day. You’ll learn how to maintain the relation and help each other. For me, living in the dorm is as fun and lovely as having a new family. At my dorm, we helped each other frequently and shares things together. We often spend time at my room to spend the night and we walked to the campus together too. Sometimes I may feel homesick, but because of my friends, at least I can reduce it.

At The Lab, Dorm Late!

I wanted to go to the dorm as soon as I can, yet I’m still sitting here inside the compter lab, Room 214, creating blogs and ID!
Can anyone please buy me a hot chocolate drink? (delfi please…) lol